The Best Big Game Ads of 2021

By Kristy Laue
  • 02.08.21
  • 4 Min Read

We’re not trying to fool anyone—the best part of the Big Game is the commercials. What can we say? We’re ad junkies constantly looking to be inspired. And the nation’s biggest night in television didn’t disappoint.

Regional businesses and international companies alike put their most creative foot forward. Marketers like us crawled out of our creative caves to soak it all in, dissect concepts and ask ourselves, “Why didn’t we think of that?”

So here they are: the most beautifully executed ads of LV, listed in no particular order, according to a handful of L&S creatives.



“Let’s Grab a Beer” perfectly ties Anheuser-Busch’s product with the past year and all of the feelings people have wrapped up in it, but in a way that feels sincere, heartfelt and refreshingly real. For me, it stood out from a lot of the other pandemic-related ads because of its honesty, lightheartedness and how authentically it was produced.

Kristy Laue, VP of Creative



The “Certain is Better” Rocket Mortgage ads with Tracy Morgan were a breath of fresh air. They were the first ads of the night that got a laugh out of my friends and me. They’re witty, telling, funny and effective in selling Rocket Mortgage to me as a service that is reliable and professional. Triple thumbs up.

Austin Miller, Copywriting Intern



Michael B. Jordan. Shirtless. Do you really need more explanation?

Joey Nielsen, Creative Director



I thought it was super clever how Bud Light brought their past commercials together creating this “legends” experience. From the TV spot to the landing page housing the past commercials to even being able to become a legend yourself, I thought it was very well rounded and thought out.

Katelyn Short, Senior Designer



This M&M’s commercial stood out to me for more reasons than Dan Levy (although that is a very good reason). Like many other ads, it pushed a unity message, but M&M’s did it with a twist. It used humor and pulled in topics from pop culture that are really relevant right now. Love a company that’s in tune with its audience.

Blair Gilkyson, Senior Copywriter

Did You Notice Some Big-Name Brands Were Missing?


If you’re like us, you missed some star players like Budweiser’s Clydesdales and Coke’s polar bears. Why did these brands (plus more) turn down the opportunity to compete for viewers’ attention with million-dollar ads? Turns out, they had a pretty good reason.

As COVID-19 continues to affect people worldwide, several companies reevaluated the best way to use their millions and reallocated ad spending to relief for their companies and customers. Anheuser-Busch plans to use that money to support vaccine awareness. Other companies like Coca-Cola Co., Hyundai and Avocados From Mexico sat out of the Big Game to ensure they’re “investing in the right resources during these unprecedented times.”

Big Game Sunday without these household names and characters? Unprecedented times, indeed.

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