campfire stories:
The Official L&S Ad Camp Podcast



Gather round the campfire and hear tales from L&Sers who know a thing or two about the Ad Camp wilderness. You’ll get answers to all your internship questions, even the ones you didn’t know you had. *S’mores sold separately.

Episode 1


In this episode we cover the ins and outs of account service and the key to a memorable interview. Joining the show is Paige Schwitters, an account executive with a debilitating fear of birds.

Episode 2


Our artists do more than make cool stuff; they make stunning stuff. Hear from Casey Goodmund, the owner of the biggest portfolio to ever walk through Lawrence & Schiller’s doors. Literally.

Episode 3


In the copy episode, Matt Sebert shares a bunch of tips he learned from writers much smarter than he. Lesson 1: proofreed.

Episode 4


Digital is more than a tired marketing buzzword. For some people, like Travis Adney, it’s a profession. Or at least that’s what he keeps telling us. Tune in to learn about Travis and the seemingly endless list of things our digis do.

Episode 5


Consumer Insights is a lot like the CIA, without the red tape. In this episode, you’ll hear Tracy Saathoff explain the job of a consumer insights intern and argue a case for leaves over rocks.

Episode 6


Kyrie Bussler has a hard time explaining her job to her parents but does a great job explaining it on this pod. Learn how media lured Kyrie (not pronounced like Kyrie Irving) from Missouri to Sioux Falls.