it all began with a card table and some moxie…

And here we are, one of the region’s most respected advertising and marketing agencies.

At Lawrence & Schiller, we’re creative problem solvers, tackling everything from marketing and branding problems to business and strategy. Our team takes a smarter approach using insights, audience intel and more to develop all-encompassing, award-winning campaigns that drive growth.

Every day we strive to over-deliver when we might be underestimated. And because of that, we’re fearless and future-focused, landing on more strategic solutions that buck trends and build leaders. L&S promises to outthink, outdo, outsmart, outperform – and ultimately drive outstanding results for clients to outpace the competition.

We don’t still have that card table from our founding day in 1976. But rest assured, the moxie’s all there.

Team Structure at L&S

teamwork makes the dream work

Most agencies are broken into departments. But we aren’t like most agencies. At L&S, we’re structured into dedicated teams that function a lot like mini agencies.

Not only are teams a lot of fun, but they give our clients benefits, too. Each team specializes in specific categories, giving its members decades of industry insight to pull from. Plus, clients have a dedicated group of people around them every day, so it can feel like an extension of your internal team.

Teams let us work more nimbly, learn more deeply and collaborate more regularly. And at the end of the day, they help us forge relationships based on successful, strategic partnerships. Hands in, team.

industries of focus

We work with clients in all categories, from health and hospitality to gaming, professional services and telecom. But our experience really rises to the top in a few focus industries. Don’t see yours? Contact us – we’ve got stacks on stacks of work samples to share from all areas of marketing.