Agency Ailments: MIOBECC

By Rachel Hennen
  • 08.15.18
  • 4 Min Read

Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m here to tell you my story – one that I hope can become a platform so many out there like me can take comfort in knowing they’re not alone, and even find the courage to share their stories.

I am an Account Service intern for Lawrence & Schiller. What is account service? Great question. Before I started at L&S, I didn’t know either. According to the website, the Account Service discipline shares an eye for detail and superb communication skills. We work with clients to coordinate projects, craft marketing goals and present business-building ideas.

The more I learned about the discipline, I realized I couldn’t have found a better fit for my interests and skills. I was eager to get started.

Monday, May 14 had finally come. As I took my first steps through the L&S doors, I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful moment. The very next thing I remember about my first day was 5:00 PM, taking those same steps back out the L&S doors while thinking to myself, “I don’t even know what just happened.”

Later that night, I was self-diagnosed with a rare but serious noncontagious condition called MIOBECC*.


Maximum Information Overload of the Brain Exceeding Capacity Condition

MIOBECC is a temporary condition brought on by massive and frequent realized phenomena disruptive to normal functions of the brain. This condition typically affects interns or recent college graduates.

Common Behaviors
This condition typically results in behaviors expressing extreme passion, adventure, motivation, excitement and even confusion.


  • Increased breathing
  • Increased heartrate
  • Increased caffeine consumption
  • Increased life purpose
  • Increased calls to mom
  • Rapid speech
  • Exaggerated notions of bravery, determination and uncertainty

Treatment Options
Although MIOBECC may never be totally curable when working as an intern for an advertising agency, it can be managed.

Start by asking a ton of questions. And not just any questions – the right questions. Understanding the “why” behind the way things are done can help put tasks and goals into perspective.

Find as many ways to make yourself as valuable as you can be to the team. Be efficient and effective.

“Fake it ‘til you make it!” We’ve all been there. When confidence is lacking, don’t let it hold you back from trying new things. Keep saying “yes” to new projects and trust that you will figure it out. This only makes you more valuable.

The yoga and cycle studio across the street is your friend (thanks, L&S, for the membership!). Morning yoga helps you wake up and prepare for the work day ahead. The indoor cycling class over the lunch hour, or in the evening, helps to burn off excess energy that’s been generated from within throughout the fast-paced workday.

Lastly, jumbled phone calls to loved ones talking in circles about things you’ve learned that day helps to realize exactly how much you still don’t understand. They’ll tell you they’re proud and say things like, “You’re doing great!” Sometimes, even the seemingly false reassurance helps you see that you are doing a pretty great job.

Consult Your Discipline Coach
If you have more concerns about MIOBECC or the affects it might have, consult your discipline coach. Monthly 1-on-1 meetings are a great way to check in on your progress. You will even begin to see that you’re doing pretty well and start to gain control over your symptoms. Time is the main source of healing with this condition. A discipline coach will help keep you on track down the road to recovery.

*Disclaimer: MIOBECC is a made-up condition used to gain insight into the life of an Account Service intern at L&S. This condition may not apply to everyone.

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