Show & Tell

By Bree LeBrun
  • 01.02.22
  • 3 Min Read

2021 was a great year. We did what we love with people we love. We worked hard and played harder. We met some awe-inspiring people. We created lots of nifty things. We even traveled to new places and learned new skills. To celebrate, we want to share 21 facts about L&S and what this year had to offer.


L&S logo

Our agency creates advertising and marketing strategies to help brands succeed by making better happen.

data process icons

Branding, design, media strategy, consumer research, website design, video production and digital marketing—you name it, we do it from start to finish.

bee icons

We have an average of six status meetings a week. We are busy bees!

stars icons

Last year we won 66 awards for our work!

Go team!


people icons

We have 61 people on our Sioux Falls team.

age icons

On our team we have seven boomers, four Gen X, 31 Millennials, and 19 Gen Z.

women icon

35 women work here.

men icon

26 males work here.

team logos

We have four project teams called Space, Atomic, Synergy and STEVE.

ad camp icons

At L&S we have one dominant personality, 16 influencers, 28 steady-pacers and 16 concise personalities.

map icon of midwest

Our employees come from Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada, North Dakota and South Dakota.


Our employees are from these universities.

data icon

16 L&S employees have worked here for over 10 years.

our clients

idea icon

We helped 102 clients.

hands raised icon

We gave to 11 organizations and causes.


Forward Sioux Falls, Sculpture Walk, USD Foundation, Sioux Empire United Way, American Heart Association, Highway Patrol, Fraternal Fund, Austad’s Golf Foundation, Butterfly House & Aquarium, Compassion in Action and Stockyards Ag Experience.

our ad camp

ad camp icons

Ad Camp—our summer intern program—started in 2012.

data icon

About 26.2% of full-time employees started as interns.

other cool facts

takeout icon

L&S employees usually have an average of one free lunch a week.

cans icon

Scott Wiechmann drinks nine Diet Cokes a day.

tools icon

Katelyn Short and crew redesigned our creative lair — the place where we come up with cool, new ideas.

running icon

Jamie Hegge walks to meetings at 7.5 MPH. #trackstar

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