Mark Jacobsen - Professional Headshot

Mark Jacobsen

Media Strategist

Two things you should know about Mark: he’s an expert media strategist, and he loves to sing at his desk no matter who’s listening. From creating cross-channel strategies that captivate audiences to exercising epic negotiating skills, Mark manages media for clients ranging from regional health systems to public safety, retail and more. In addition to coordinating media contracts and campaign reporting, Mark seeks out new media opportunities for clients, getting their message in front of audiences in disruptive ways. And if you’re wondering about his sing-along playlists, they range from 80s hair band ballads to today’s hits. Prior to joining L&S in 2014, Mark worked as Advertising Coordinator at Grand Falls Casino Resort in Larchwood, IA. Mark is Google AdWords Certified and earned his BS in Consumer Affairs at South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD.

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