Scottie Lantgen - Professional Headshot

Scottie Lantgen


What can be said about Scottie that hasn’t already been said about Stephen King, William Shakespeare and legendary Garfield creator, Jim Davis? “Yeah, he writes things.” Whenever a campaign is in need of catchy headlines or copy, Scottie writes, re-writes, overthinks, then re-re-writes and eventually delivers. Needless to say, we’re all inspired by his wit and ambition to come up with the best possible campaigns. After getting his BA in Mass Communications with an emphasis in advertising and public relations from Minnesota State University in Moorhead, MN, Scottie spent several years as a digital marketing copywriter in Phoenix. After moving back to the Midwest, he spent a year as a contract copywriter while finishing up portfolio school at Brainco in Minneapolis, MN, before joining the L&S team.