20 Reasons L&S Internships Rock

By Joey Nielsen
  • 09.02.21
  • 3 Min Read

L&S Ad Camp internships are unique for a lot of reasons. So we polled 14 former interns who are now full-timers to see why their experiences rocked. Read the reasons, then apply for an internship.



  1. You do real work that makes a real impact—no coffee runners here.
  2. Ideas are welcome and valued from everyone, which can be surprising compared to some internships. When we say everyone has a voice, we mean it.
  3. Lots of free food and coffee. Plus free soda in the vending machine.
  4. Being part of a team and learning from the area’s best and brightest.
  5. Networking. You get to work with 50+ people who are connected to the city and region, not to mention a variety of clients and meaningful project opportunities.
  6. We call ourselves creative problem solvers for a reason. You’ll stretch your brain in new ways and learn more than you thought possible.
  7. Every day is exciting and completely different than the last.
  8. The experience of working with clients is invaluable.
  9. At L&S, culture isn’t just something we say – it’s what we do. You’ll go through Culture Camp, chow down at our company picnic, take a swing in the L&S golf tournament and attend Fourth Fridays, which are all about getting to know your team.
  10. L&S has a “jump in head first” approach. That pressure and encouragement helps you do great things.

L&S Ad Camp interns
  1. Fun out-of-office opportunities with travel, video shoots, street teams and more.
  2. Cross-training with several different disciplines to see where you fit best.
  3. L&S works with your university to complete internship requirements for graduation. Plus, it’s full-time and paid.
  4. We have a dedicated approach to learning and growth with Brief but Brilliant lunch & learns, designated time for learning, subscriptions and tools, plus a whole week dedicated to development every year.
  5. It’s twice the fun with two offices in Sioux Falls and Minneapolis.
  6. You’ll feel challenged and supported.
  7. Learning to work with a team and understanding the flow of a project across all disciplines, which is something you might not get in school where you’re surrounded by other designers, writers, etc.
  8. You’ll find out that you’re capable of more than you think.
  9. Meeting other awesome, motivated people like yourself and making life-long relationships.
  10. It opens doors to a full-time job at L&S and many other employers across the region.


If it looks like fun, that’s because it is. Want to join our team? Find out more about L&S Ad Camp internships.

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