COVID Crisis Checklist

By Mariah Hanten
  • Health & Wellness
  • 03.19.20
  • 1 Min Read

Things feeling out of control lately? We get it. COVID-19 is affecting every part of our lives, and businesses are facing uncertain times.

Businesses must be willing to adapt and shift strategies in order to make sure their marketing is relevant, strategic and clear in a time when consumers need it most. It will require planning, diligence and a dedication to rolling with the changes. To help, we’ve created a quick COVID Crisis Checklist. Download the list to make sure your business is covered in the time of COVID, checking in on marketing and communications plans, mitigating risks and clearly communicating with customers to maintain profitability.

Click below to get your checklist. We value the efforts of every business big and small, so we’re making it free for all to access as we get through this crisis together.


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