White Paper: Making Work Cool Again

By Matt Hammer
  • Education
  • 04.12.17
  • 1 Min Read

Skilled labor and blue-collar jobs have long been part of the workforce discussion, but in recent years skilled labor has taken center stage as the economy has rebounded and many industries have struggled to find workers to fill open positions in high-need areas. The current shortage in skilled labor workers has had a ripple effect across industry, education and government, and all three stakeholder groups have created initiatives to address the issue. Still, a skilled labor shortage persists in many areas across the country.

Lawrence & Schiller has partnered with various organizations, ranging from state government agencies to institutions of higher education, in efforts to plan and execute effective workforce development strategies. Download our latest white paper to learn more about how stakeholders are approaching the workforce shortage, how L&S has helped and the how influencers in these three key groups can make work cool again.

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