Write Off Writer’s Block

By Joey Nielsen
  • 11.19.18
  • 3 Min Read

When I was tasked with writing another blog, I started brainstorming topics. I sat at my desk with a blank Word document open long enough to make it through half my Spotify playlist, chat with coworkers, tidy up my desk, work on a couple other things and eat a worrying amount of peanut butter M&Ms. Then it hit me: I’m experiencing writer’s block. And then it hit me again: if I’m a writer who’s experiencing writer’s block, I’m sure others are plagued by it, too. *Lightbulb*

This blog details what you can do to overcome the ever-annoying, common condition that is writer’s block. And although there is no one-size-fits-all solution, these seven tips might just get your creative juices flowing again.

No Distractions GIF | Writers Block Blog


Sure, bobbing your head to your favorite song or sending memes to your friends can be more fun than writing, but it’s not helping words appear on your blank page. Find music that won’t distract you and disconnect from the internet. Jamming to Bohemian Rhapsody might seem like a good idea, but when it’s over, you’re six minutes closer to your deadline.

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Maybe you’re using “writer’s block” as an excuse when you’re really just procrastinating (I might be speaking from experience here). Admit it, then get past it. Set a doable timeline and stick to it. Find time in between meetings and brainstorms to reserve just for writing. Then change your status to “busy” and ask everyone around you to respect your writing time.

Exercise Your Brain GIF | Writers Block Blog


Creatively, that is. Step away from whatever you’re working on and do something creative. Paint, write something else, design in Photoshop, make a collage, build something, then go back to what you were working on. Jumping to other projects and exercising the creative part of your brain should help you eventually tap back into the rhythm of writing.

Just Exercise GIF | Writers Block Blog


Get your body into a flow and your mind just might follow. Exercise can calm you and open your mind. Then when you get back to your keyboard, you might be surprised with a fresh perspective.

Change Your Environment GIF | Writers Block Blog


Maybe you’re just not feeling your current work desk and rolly chair and need to move to a new space. Do it. A change of scenery might be just the change of pace you need to find a writing rhythm and hit that deadline that’s quickly approaching.

Research GIF | Writers Block Blog


Maybe you don’t know what to write because you aren’t knowledgeable enough about the subject yet. Take a little more time to research and plan out your assignment. Then you can get back to writing confidently.

Just Write GIF | Writers Block Blog


Write freely. Put down whatever comes to your mind. It can be completely random but get some words on your paper. Stream of consciousness writing (freewriting) might clear the junk out of your head, and you just might tap into something great you weren’t aware was rolling around your brain. You never know what can inspire a new concept or idea. Sometimes, just getting past the first hurdle of getting something, anything on a page is all you need.

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