Get Inspired: 16 Creative Instagram Accounts to Follow

By Roberta Forman
  • 03.17.22
  • 5 Min Read

“I saw this cool thing on Instagram.”

A phrase that can be heard echoing through the halls of L&S almost daily. When people ask where we go to get inspiration, Instagram is almost always at the top of the list. So I asked a few fellow creatives what their favorite Instagram accounts are and why. Sit back, enjoy and get ready to click some follow buttons.

maushaus iphone mockup

1. @maus__haus

Probably my favorite creative account to follow! Her color palette and designs are so peaceful while also being playful and creative. I love how she seems to do the same thing over and over again but they’re all different somehow.

desk with art supplies
maushaus thumbnail graphics
hand holding art print against wall
Lauren Williams iphone Mockup

2. @laurenwilliamsart

I’m a sucker for some beautiful interior design and this account makes stunning textile art. She shows her process which I love because I’m so intrigued by how artists create. The end product is always so unique.

woman next to hanging tapestry
hanging tapestry above bed
hanging tapestry above bench
Pandr Iphone mockup

3. @pandrdesignco

I found this account when I was starting out my mural adventure. I love their style, but I also think it’s awesome that they openly give business/freelancing advice and showcase other women muralists with their account @ladieswhopaint.

news paper next to open paint cans
colorful wall mural
woman painting colorful wall mural
Have a nice day iphone mockup

4. @haveanicedayy_

Her designs are so vibrant and sassy. I just love it. She has a beautiful lettering style that she combines so well with unique little designs and embellishments.

two colorful designed boxes stacked
colorful don't be moody graphic
colorful wall mural
chalk and leaves iphone mockup

5. @chalkandleaves

Johanna is amazing. Not only is her art inspiring, encompassing and clever, her responsiveness to current events and the stories of her followers makes her that much more relatable as a creative. She focuses on feel-good art, inclusive print and all the dogs.

woman and plants graphic
brown town swirly graphic
four women w/ speech bubble graphic
Celebs on sandwiches iphone mockup

6. @celebsonsandwiches

Are you kidding me? As someone who can draw as well as she can fly, Jeff McCarthy is a genius. There are few things I love more than a thoughtfully curated Instagram feed, one of them being sandwiches. His ideas are original, his style is superb and his choice of bread in relation to the celebrity is spot on.

Drawing of Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan on a sandwich
Drawing of Betty White on a sandwich
Drawing of Edward Scissorhands on a Sandwich
Milk magazine Iphone mockup

7. @milk_magazine

I follow a solid amount of magazines on Insta and this one is my absolute fave. Their “no holds barred” approach to content and messaging is beyond refreshing, as well as their use of empty space. MilK offers the perfect balance of art, lifestyle and super trendy kiddos.

boy with small alligator
children wearing white in a red room
Magazine cover graphic at the beach
Old man in a yellow hat

Our video team would call themselves “men of few words”…if you could get them to call themselves anything. Accounts 8, 9 and 10 come to you with the simple summary of “everything you need for beautiful cinematic outdoor adventure content”. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

8. @colorblindmedia

9. @expedition.studios

10. @littlecoal

man on a sailboat
man in sunglasses holding a large camera
mountain trail at sunset
Fox Rocket Studio Iphone mockup

11. @foxrockettstudio

This account shows off some of the coolest ways to integrate print textures into a digital space. The mix of vintage vibes and modern typography instantly catches my eye every time. And he’s constantly posting quick tutorials on how to create some of his designs. It’s amazing to see behind the curtain.

two sun colorful graphic
colorful graphic art
Waves with yellow graphic overlay
Werner designs Iphone mockup

12. @wernerdesignwerks

Product packaging: the ultimate mix of aesthetics and function.  Werner Design Werks creates some of my favorite pieces of packaging I’ve ever seen (forever obsessed with this bottle). Not only is the packaging beautiful, but the photography showcasing it…come on.

hand holding two plastic bottles
hand pouring shots into glasses
Meyer's soap product design
Mother design Iphone mockup

13. @motherdesign

Mother does amazing work all around, but they’re my one of my go-to accounts for fun and different typography. They’re always doing something out of the box and creative with type whether it’s using out-there typefaces or crazy manipulation of letterforms.

NY subliners graphic art
three green product packages
diversity graphic art
Kay Dargs Iphone mockup

14. @kaydargs

If you want to see how far you can push your photography, look no further than Kay. Her amazing eye and cotton candy photo edits take everyday scenes and turn them into something truly magical. From killer concert shots to the most authentic senior sessions I’ve ever seen, she does it all.

man in orange singing
girl entering door in side of hill
side of mountains at sunset
Design seeds Iphone mockup

15. @designseeds

This one is so great for finding color inspiration. It takes photo inspirations (sometimes from followers) and uses that to build out palettes. It’s a great reminder to pull color palettes for rebrands from the imagery we capture and create better, more cohesive brands.

cup of coffee and color pallet
succulent and color pallet
beach at sunset and color pallet
Adweek Iphone mockup

16. @adweek

In addition to staying inspired creatively, we always have to stay up to date on what’s happening in the ad world. There are few better places to look for that than the authority themselves. You can get inspiration for design, copy, videos, photos, strategies…you know. All of it.

man in front of photo wall
1 QR code graphic ad
Colorful Polaroid pictures on a pink wall

If you want to see where all this inspiration leads, be sure to follow along on our Insta: @ls_advertising.

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