People & Promotions

By Kristy Laue
  • 02.09.21
  • 2 Min Read

2020 has finally come to an end, and now we’re focused on what’s ahead. Fortunately, the future includes a lot of work. So we’ve recruited four new L&Sers to help us out. We think they’re pretty great, but get to know them for yourself.


At L&S, when employees continuously stand out, they move up. Help us congratulate the ten peeps who earned new titles in the last six months.

ad camp interns

L&S Summer Interns

For some extra team support, we brought on four new fall/winter interns. They’ll get plenty of hands-on industry experience while helping us create work and meet deadlines. Say hello to McCade Ivarsen (Digital Intern), Austin Miller (Copywriting Intern), Angela Young (Consumer Insights Intern) and Ruby Evans (Account Service Intern).

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