44 Things L&S Taught Us in 44 Years

By Joey Nielsen
  • 05.04.20
  • 3 Min Read

This week, Lawrence & Schiller turned 44 years young. The same passion, energy and determination that filled the one-room office our founders dubbed an agency still remain at the center of everything we do. But a lot has changed, too.

Employees, clients, projects, logos, locations, technology, Scott’s hairline they’ve all evolved over the past four decades. And those changes led to new ideas, lessons and perspectives. To celebrate our anniversary, the L&S family decided to share a handful of those learnings with you.

So here it is: 44 things L&S taught us in 44 years.

Behind the Scenes Shoot | Lawrence & Schiller Anniversary Blog

1. If you want something done, don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen.

2. What I don’t know is a lot bigger than what I do know – and that’s great.

3. Always put a new coffee pot on when it’s empty.

4. I learned how to find my own strengths, then find them in others.

5. Work and play can be the same thing.

Thanksgiving Lunch | Lawrence & Schiller Anniversary Blog

6. You can accomplish anything when you bring smart, gritty, hard-working minds together.

7. If you want to motivate people, offer free food.

8. To see success, you need a team. You need resistance to ideas. You need a healthy amount of friction.

9. Listen to instinct – it’s usually right.

10. No matter how smart or complete you think your idea is, it can be elevated by surrounding yourself with the right people.

Pizza Ranch | Lawrence & Schiller Anniversary Blog

11. If you feel a little unsure or uncomfortable in what you’re doing, you’re growing.

12. The best way to learn is to do.

13. Deadlines suck. Missing them sucks more.

14. The true meaning of ASAP: as soon as possible — as in right now — as in probably should have shipped two days ago.

15. People will do just about anything for free pizza and a beverage.

Team Collaboration | Lawrence & Schiller Anniversary Blog

16. Team morale will make or break a business.

17. You will never regret putting in extra effort.

18. Always go the extra mile.

19. “That’s not my job” is not a valid statement. (Even typing it felt wrong.)

20. Nurturing your people is the greatest investment your business can make.

Drawing of Suburban | Lawrence & Schiller Anniversary Blog

21. Using icons in presentations is very important.

22. Think outside the box. Don’t do what everyone else is just because it works. Strive to be the best, always.

23. I learned how to park a large vehicle (the agency suburban).

24. Walking up stairs in heels is a really good workout.

25. Always look at a situation with a “can do” attitude. You’re going to run into challenges that seem impossible. Instead of quitting or saying no, approach the situation from a new perspective.

Speaking Engagements | Lawrence & Schiller Anniversary Blog

26. Typing fast is an invaluable skill.

27. You don’t always have to have a positive attitude, but you do always have to be solution-oriented.

28. The most valuable resource there is, is people.

29. Jump at every opportunity to challenge yourself and push yourself out of your comfort zone. You’ll be a better person and employee for it.

30. Being a leader is important, no matter what your role is.

Heart Walk | Lawrence & Schiller Anniversary Blog

31. It’s critical to get involved in your community and other organizations you’re passionate about.

32. There are no bad ideas in a brainstorm. Even terrible ideas can evolve into something good.

33. You may fall flat on your face, but that’s okay. Because failure teaches humility and what not to do next time.

34. Take risks and try things you know nothing about. It’s amazing what you can learn and how it leads to new opportunities.

35. Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.

ADDY Awards | Lawrence & Schiller Anniversary Blog

36. Just get started — it will come to you.

37. The thrill of winning as a team is one of the best things in life.

38. It’s amazing what a person can actually get done in five minutes.

39. There’s no time to suck.

40. Never say no to something if it scares you.

Working | Lawrence & Schiller Anniversary Blog

41. Stock up on sticky notes.

42. Writing and sending emails is a work of art.

43. Oftentimes a 15-minute meeting is 10x more efficient than an hour meeting.

44. Make yourself invaluable to your team.

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