5 Reasons Not to be an L&S Intern

By Calli Schanzenbach
  • 07.26.23
  • 2 Min Read

What’s your greatest weakness? In your interview, you may answer this age-old question with you “care to much” or “work too hard.” But one thing that never gets asked enough while we prepare our applications for Ad Camp is—What’s Ad Camp’s greatest weakness?

1. You Will Feel Too Professional

Most of the projects you get will be for real clients. You’ll even get to voice your ideas the same as everyone else while collaborating on projects. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to experience those infamous intern coffee runs.


2. You Will Make Too Many Connections

The people at L&S will present you with too many opportunities to network. You won’t be limited to just talking with your own discipline. You’ll connect with designers, account service, copywriters, digital and media teams and even leadership! You’ll also have your foot in the door when you’re looking for a full-time job.

Photo collage of an intern working and having fun

3. You Will Have Too Much Variety

Every day at L&S feels different. One day you’re brainstorming invitation designs and the next you’re taking a faux business call out in the woods for a photoshoot. Interns also get to experience working with a team of people across different disciplines. You’ll witness and learn the process of completing a variety of projects from start to finish.


4. You Will Challenge Yourself Too Much

As an intern, you’ll jump right into projects and be challenged more than you would ever be in classes. With the encouragement of your fellow L&Sers, you’ll accomplish more than you ever thought you could.


5. You Will Have Too Much Fun

Interns get to participate in the agency culture alongside everyone else. Starting your first week, get ready to participate in frat parties and yoga over lunch. Make sure to brush up on your cornhole skills for the tournament and prepare your stomach to eat lots of food at the company picnic.

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