5 Things I’ve Learned At L&S

By Harleigh DeVille
  • 07.24.23
  • 2 Min Read

The summer my parents always warned me about is finally upon me. No more going out with friends every day, or heading to the lake. This summer I traded that in for a traditional eight to five, 40 hours a week. Sounds dreadful, right? I’m happy to say it’s anything but, at least at Lawrence & Schiller, for several reasons.

1. Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

I always thought an adult workday would consist of staring blankly at a computer screen, waiting for the moment the clock struck five. Not at Lawrence & Schiller. Your days are going to be jam packed full of different projects, meetings and brainstorms. Not to mention the occasional bonding activity like frat parties and bean bag tournaments. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself begging for five more minutes of a workday to wrap stuff up before heading home. Safe to say it’s the fastest, most rewarding eight to five I’ve ever had.


2. Don’t Hold Back

It’s okay to ask questions. In fact, you’re very encouraged to do so. But, being an intern, I found it more rewarding to try it myself a few times (or a thousand) and determine for myself if I still needed it. Not only was it rewarding when you finally figure it out, but I also felt like I learned more that way. Remember, when you’re an intern you shouldn’t have to feel like everything you do is holding the company back. Because this is the best time to learn from trying new things.

Photo collage of an intern working and having fun

3. You’re Gonna Get Good at Emails

Email communication is a big part of your day, at least it is for a digi intern! I learned that having a good management system for that is very important. There’s nothing worse than missing something because it’s buried in your inbox, or even more important: a due date. I found that making folders for each client was very helpful and kept me on track of what was going on. I know for a fact that by the end of the summer I still won’t be used to the number of emails that can be sent in a day haha.


4. The Opportunities Are Endless

Take every opportunity that comes your way, even if it’s small. There’s always something that can be improved upon that gets caught in the hustle and bustle of agency life. That also goes along with asking for more work if you feel you can handle it. It’s a great feeling to take projects off your coworkers’ plates as an intern. It really is a win-win for the both of you.


5. Take it All In

You have more than likely heard this a thousand times before, and this won’t be the last. Be a SPONGE. There’s not one bad thing that can come from observing things as an intern, no matter how small it may seem. Take it all in. Because there’s so much to learn here and so much to learn about yourself as you grow in a professional environment. If that means you have to take little notes or record meetings, DO IT! I never thought I’d learn the things I’ve learned. Be challenged in the way that I was or, most importantly, grow in the way that I’ve grown!

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