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Each career track includes lessons, recorded by our creative minds, that illuminate an aspect of advertising.  And each lesson has activities where you can put your new-found knowledge to work. Plus, you’ll get a fun little badge that’ll look nice on your resume.

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Account Service Teamwork

account service

The account service department keeps the agency running and the work flowing. Good account servicers are great communicators, hyper-organized project managers and occasional mind readers.


Things You’ll Learn About:

  1. Internships
  2. Account Coordination 101
  3. How to Sell Yourself
  4. Mastering Multitasking
  5. Polishing Your Presentation Skills
Office space


Copywriters write words, concept videos, conduct interviews, pitch ideas and drink about six cups of coffee before noon. If a project needs an idea, it needs a copywriter.


Things You’ll Learn About:

  1. What is a Copywriter?
  2. Copywriting for Clarity
  3. Writing for Different Media
  4. Brainstorming & Creativity
  5. Personal Branding & Building a Writing Portfolio


Team meeting

consumer insights

Are you the person with all the questions? Consumer insights is for behavior detectives. They are the brains behind the operation, so to speak.


Things You’ll Learn About:

  1. What is Consumer Insights?
  2. Where to Start
  3. Picking a Direction
Desk space


Digital marketing professionals bring ideas to life online, just in case that whole internet thing ever takes off. They handle everything from social media content calendars to project management.


Things You’ll Learn About:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Websites


Whether they’re drawing a logo or working their photoshop wizardry, designers make stuff look good. Behold their awesome powers, and work on yours, in the lessons below.


Things You’ll Learn About:

  1. Logo Design
  2. Typography
  3. Accessibility & Design
  4. How to Get the Job
  5. You Got the Job


team meeting


In a nutshell, media pros get our message in front of the right audiences. How they do that is far more complicated.


Things You’ll Learn About:

  1. What is Media?
  2. Reaching Your Target Audience