Healthcare Trends to Improve Patient Care and Increase Volume

By Kristy Laue
  • Health & Wellness
  • 06.26.19
  • 3 Min Read

When it comes to choosing a healthcare provider, there are a lot of factors to consider. And often the choice comes down to convenience. Are they in range? When’s the soonest opening? Is the location close by? How long will the appointment take?

With the growing healthcare landscape continuing to change, providers are looking for new ways to offer convenient solutions for current and prospective patients, and they’re turning to technology to do it.

Thanks to advancements in technology, healthcare systems are now able to meet patients wherever and whenever it’s most convenient for them. And they’re making it a priority because when patients consider their healthcare needs, convenience is king.

To bring care where patients are, one of our clients partnered with an innovative telemedicine company, Tyto Care. Sanford Health is launching its new partnership with Tyto Care in an exclusive five-state network, releasing the Tyto Care Home Health Kit. This revolutionary kit allows patients to self-administer a virtual medical exam with real-time physician guidance. The TytoHome unit comes with multiple accessories that allow the physician to listen to your heart and lungs, look at your throat and take a look inside your ears – all from the convenience of your home. By utilizing the Tyto Care Home Health Kit, patients get direct access to a provider via the TytoHome app, allowing physicians to gather real-time data and provide an accurate diagnosis.

To highlight the Tyto Care Home Health Kit’s innovative capabilities and convenient functionalities, our team created a series of short videos that will air with the partnership rollout. Check one of them out below.

The partnership between Sanford Health and Tyto Care and the creation of the Home Health Kit is just one example of companies following current trends in patient care – convenience, remote access, digital diagnosis, decreasing cost of care – to drive retention and reach a new audience. But maybe you don’t have technology like the Tyto Care Home Health Kit. No sweat – here’s how you can improve your marketing strategy  to grow patient volume:


When patients are looking for a healthcare provider, most of the time they turn to a search engine to begin the process – especially millennials (who, combined with their $200 billion purchasing power, are pretty important). When consumers make these searches, they expect quick, accurate answers. Aim to improve your search engine rankings and appear on local listings by using mobile-first site design and long-tail keywords so you can be the one who reaches them to answer their questions.


Big Data is continuing to grow, and that means loads of patient information is available for healthcare marketers. Take the time to analyze that data and identify trends and patterns you can capitalize on to gain insight into who your target audience is, what they want from a healthcare provider and how to best reach them. Then personalize your approach to meet individual consumer needs and wants.


Your target audience is spending more and more time on social media platforms. In fact, 97% of millennials own smartphones to do just that. Take all the information you just learned about your target audiences and reach them where they already are with a marketing plan that includes digital healthcare trends, like content marketing and native ads. Be sure you’re creating content that’s relevant to patients and that positions you as industry leaders. Segment your target audience specific to demographics, behaviors, interests and more, and hit them with the information they’re searching for.

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