Kicking Ash and Taking Names

By Mark Glissendorf
  • 03.04.19
  • 2 Min Read

When the city of Sioux Falls teams up with L&S, nothing – not even the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) – can stand in our way.

The city recently launched the ReLeaf (see what we did there) website to raise awareness of the EAB infestation threatening the local ash tree population and to help meet a $2.5 million fundraising goal over the next five years. Funds will go toward planting new varieties of trees in the Sioux Falls park system and to assist homeowners in replanting public parking strips.

ReLeaf Logo | Sioux Falls ReLeaf

L&S was hand-picked by the City of Sioux Falls for this project, which included naming the initiative, designing a logo and building a website. The ReLeaf project aligns perfectly with one of our Outreach objectives: to support economic growth in our community. L&S donated time and talent to this worthy endeavor.

In upcoming efforts, city leaders will promote the ReLeaf effort through press conferences, public relations and service club presentations. Website content will evolve over time to acknowledge corporate and private donors.

To see the impact your donation can have, visit

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