People & Promotions

By Kristy Laue
  • 04.29.20
  • 2 Min Read

After several weeks of living in quarantined uncertainty, we’ve found ourselves longing for once-trivial team interactions – breakroom small talk, hallway high-fives, firm handshakes that mean business. Even Carly’s lunchtime salmon, Budmayr’s pacing phone calls and Matt’s disheveled hairstyle would be welcomed with open arms right about now. (Okay – maybe it is time for a haircut, Matt.) But despite this unexpected isolation, our team is still focusing on, well, being a team. And that includes making our new hires feel like part of the (socially distanced) squad.

Help us properly* welcome the five new L&Sers on the roster. Some joined us B.C. (before coronavirus), and some jumped in and experienced the effects of the pandemic their first couple days at the company.

* “Properly” was used loosely here, as we haven’t had the opportunity to photograph these fresh faces yet. But we improvised.


At L&S, when employees continuously stand out, they move up. Help us congratulate the four employees who were promoted in the last six months.

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