2021 Poster Wars: Summer Slam

By Kristy Laue
  • 06.13.21
  • 1 Min Read

At L&S, we work hard, then play hard. And sometimes, we do both at the same time. That’s definitely the case when it comes to our annual Poster Wars. This event is one of our favorites. Free drinks, friendly competition and emcee Matt Hammer—what’s not to love??

poster wars poster



2 designers, 2 rounds, 4 posters, 40 minutes

This year, Luke Latza and Taylor Hilmoe took center ring to battle for the Poster Wars title. And we put them on the spot. Right before each round, they were given a folder filled with a theme, random graphics, headline options and directions. They could use any Adobe software to create each poster in 20 minutes or less. Oh yeah, and they had to do it in front of our entire agency. Pressure was on.

luke poster wars
poster wars matt taylor luke
taylor poster wars


Round 1: Jurassic Park

poster wars design
poster wars design

Round 2: Vinyl Store

poster wars design
poster wars design

When the final bell rang, the crowd had a hard time picking a favorite. Do you blame us? Luke and Taylor agreed to share the glory…for now. Stay tuned for a rematch.

matt emcee poster wars
taylor and luke poster wars
poster wars champions
poster wars battle 2021

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